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Oswego players. Image by Paul McKinney.

OSWEGO – Four years ago, the Oswego Players decided to expand their programming options for students wishing to get into live theater production.

Player member Anne Raynor had provided a wonderfully popular summer weeklong workshop and production for players for many years and due to its popularity and impact it was felt that a program of one year could be available for more participants and more activities. Thus, the Oswego Players Theater Arts Youth Academy was formed in 2018.

Since then, the stage has been filled with all kinds of weekend workshops, rehearsals, and full-fledged pieces like Bad Actors’ Bad Auditions. A number of these youngsters have matured and moved to the Oswego Players main stage for their regular season shows.

It’s no surprise that Kat Winchek and Caylyn Salmonsen have multiple roles in TAYA’s latest production. Kat will graduate at the end of this school year and move on to her next adventure, while Caylyn is just starting her high school journey. They are two wonderful actresses and they shared their thoughts so well:

Photo by Kat Winchek courtesy of Peter Mahan.

“My name is Kat Winchek. I am 17 and a senior in Oswego High School. I have lived in Oswego, NY all my life. When I was younger I came to Oswego Players Theater and I thought I was going to be in one of those plays someday, and here I am! I love to play, I think it’s so much fun, so when I got an email from Mr. Berlin, saying he was hosting auditions, I was like, I’m in it. I never used to do things like that because I play three sports, soccer, hockey and lacrosse. C It’s always difficult to juggle soccer, homework and rehearsals for plays, but the Oswego players were willing to work with me, because I try to do all the rehearsals possible. This is going to be a really playful play. fun.

Photo by Caylyn Salmonsen courtesy of Peter Mahan.

“Hi! My name is Caylyn Salmonsen. I am 13 and a first year in Oswego High School. I am a big animal lover and love to travel. I have been playing with the Oswego Players for five years now. . I got involved in theater thanks to Ann Raynor who organized a theater camp one summer and I really enjoyed it. This is my sixth production with actors such as The Nutcracker, Snow White and the Queen of Villains, Annie Get Your Gun, Fairytale Courtroom and now Bad Auditions for Bad Actors. I was also in a CNY Arts production of I Never Saw Another Butterfly. Last summer I held my first job technique at the Players, as a master prop for Dearly Departed. I really enjoyed working behind the scenes and learning a different side of theater. I made a lot of new friends here and look forward to more productions with the Oswego Players and the Oswego High School Drama Cl ub.

Bad Auditions by Bad Actors takes place October 22, 23, 24 and 29, 30, 31 at the Frances Marion Brown Theater, 30 Donahue Drive, Oswego. Friday and Saturday performances start at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday mornings start at 2:00 p.m. Tickets are on sale by calling the Oswego Players box office at 315-343-5138. For more information, log on to: oswegoplayers.org


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