TheatreSquared unveils new theater design in downtown Fayetteville



An artist rendering shows what the new TheatreSquared building could look like at the corner of Spring and West streets in downtown Fayetteville.

Rendered by Kilograph / Courtesy TheatreSquared

TheatreSquared’s vision of having a state-of-the-art permanent theater in downtown Fayetteville is becoming a reality.

Officials on Thursday unveiled artist renderings of the design of T2’s new home on the southeast corner of West Avenue and Spring Street across from the Spring Street Parking Deck.

The 50,000-square-foot multi-story building, designed by internationally renowned and award-winning firm Marvel Architects and consultants CharcoalBlue, will include two performance stages, rehearsal space, stage store, costume store, hall accessories, changing rooms, a green room and a higher level administrative office.

Lobby and common area

As promised, the building includes common areas designed to invite the community inside with educational and gathering spaces for members of the public, guest artists or anyone just wanting to relax and have a coffee, a small plate of food or cocktail.

Far from being hidden, officials said the art spaces would actually project from the facade. The studio, rehearsal space and the main stage are designed to be clearly visible from the street.

The project will be built with sustainability in mind, using repurposed building materials, full LED lights, furniture milled from on-site trees and the construction of an artist patio made from reclaimed bricks. of a 150-year-old structure that once stood near the former Fayetteville Depot.

Main stage

The privacy that T2 audiences have grown to love in the current venue of the company will not be lost. In fact, officials said the new main stage, while adding around 100 balcony seats, might feel even more intimate to some due to the design of the space.

The first row has been moved even closer to the stage, while the rear row of seats is only a row deeper than the current saloon.

“I’m proud to say this is one of the most intimate and immersive theater spaces Charcoalblue has ever designed,” said Clem Abercrombie, Senior Project Manager for Charcoalblue.

In June, city council members voted to approve a long-term lease of land with T2, paving the way for the construction of the new theater at the 54-space municipal parking lot in West and Spring.

View from Spring Street parking lot

The 25-year lease can be renewed up to three times and does not include any rental fees for the use of the land. Instead, T2 will be required to deliver “highly professional performance” which, at a minimum, matches “the quantity and quality of that performed in the past year”.

The project will start in June 2017 and should be completed in time for the 2019-2020 season.

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