Ten Remarkable Genre Movies You Can Stream At Home This September!


If the new release slate is any indication, this Halloween season is going to be massive for horror. That doesn’t even begin to cover additions of library titles to the plethora of streaming services available.

September brings home all-new releases, under-seen classics, wacky cult gems and more to add to your Halloween watchlists.

Here are ten standout horror titles available to stream in September 2022 on some of the most popular streaming services, as well as when and where you can watch them.

The Ring Two (Extended Version) – September 1 (HBO Max)

The remake starring Naomi Watts good night mom is heading to Prime Video on September 16. Before his debut, catch up with Watts in the sequel to the 2002 remake, the ring. The Ring Two picks up months after the events of the first film, with Samara once again targeting Rachel’s son. HBO Max offers the extended cut of this sequel.

We’re all going to the world’s fair – September 1 (HBO Max)

Writer-director Jane Schoenbrun’s narrative feature debut is a creepypasta coming-of-age tale. Young, impressionable teenager Casey (Anna Cobb) decides to document her participation in the World’s Fair Challenge, a mysterious online horror game that asks participants to repeat “I want to go to the World’s Fair” three times before drawing blood of their fingers. As she captures what happens next through videos posted online, reality and fiction begin to merge and she connects with a mysterious figure on the internet. This slow burn favors ambiguity and atmosphere in its melancholy portrayal of adolescence in the lonely digital age.

Jurassic World Dominion (theatrical and extended edition) – September 2 (peacock)

Jurassic World Dominion review

(left to right) Kayla Watts (DeWanda Wise), Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) and a Giganotosaurus in Jurassic World Dominion, co-written and directed by Colin Trevorrow.

Whether you missed the third entry in the jurassic world trilogy in theaters or are curious about the extended cut, Peacock has you covered. The streaming service will offer both. Domination is set four years after the destruction of Isla Nublar, with dinosaurs now roaming freely among humanity. jurassic parkit is the legacy cast helps in the battle for survival. Be prepared for lots of locusts.

The rise of synths – September 9 (Screambox)

Horror master John Carpenter narrates this documentary that chronicles the world of Synthwave, the ’80s-inspired genre that served as the backdrop for incredible shows and movies like “Stranger Things.” beyond the gates, Turbo Child, The guest, and more. The documentary includes Carpenter Brut, Dance with the Dead, Power Glove, Gunship, Celldweller and GosT.

Gourmet Feed – September 15 (thrill)

Courtesy of IFC Minuit. An IFC Midnight version.

Writer/director by Peter Strickland Berber sound studio and Fabric showcased the filmmaker’s unique ability to capture the senses, often sensually, while exploring surreal social commentary. His last, Flow Gourmet, once again delivers an immersive sensory experience, pushing further into absurdist humor with occasional dives into gross horror. A sound collective of performance artists obtain a residency at the Sonic Catering Institute, dedicated to culinary and food performance. Behind the scenes, the trio are caught up in a power struggle that is further thrown into tumultuous territory when institute overseer Jan Stevens (Gwendoline Christie) tries to perfect his craft. Caught in the middle is Stones (Makis Papadimitriou), a man hired to document artists while trying to hide his extreme gastrointestinal distress.

Werewolf of London – September 15 (Peacock)

If you’re in the mood for classic horror, mark September 15 on your calendars; Peacock brings a host of great universal horror titles. Among them is Werewolf of London, the first Hollywood film to feature a werewolf. Botanist Wilfred Glendon is attacked by a creature while searching for a rare flower in Tibet. Soon after, he finds himself driven by urges to hunt and kill.

Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead – September 16 (Screambox)

The title says it all. Expect more splatstick mayhem from Noboru Iguchi (machine girl, Robo Geisha) here. A group trip goes awry when the teenage Maki devours a fish with a parasitic worm; this unleashes an undead invasion like no other. Poo-covered walking dead, powerful farts and more are promised in this over-the-top horror-comedy.

Graveyard of Terror – September 19 (thrill)

Graveyard of Terror

Rubén Galindo Jr.’s Most Important Horror Feature Is American Influence don’t panic (available on Shudder), but the Halloween-centric theme Cemetery of Terror offers the most pleasure. A trio of college students decide to impress their ladies by stealing a body from a morgue for a Halloween prank and party at an abandoned house. It happens to be the body of a serial killer, and reading an incantation from a book brings it to life. This supernatural slasher brings bloody mayhem in the vein of Lucio Fulci and features legendary actor Hugo Stiglitz as an occult expert.

When the screams start – September 20 (Screambox)

A budding documentary filmmaker thinks he’s finally found the perfect subject with budding serial killer Aidan Mendle. But as Aidan and his newly recruited murder cult embark on a bloody rampage, Norman’s dream of becoming a successful documentary filmmaker turns into a nightmare. The serial killer mockumentary teases a hilariously gory good time with an emphasis on the gory.

sissy – September 29 (thrill)

Sissy SXSW Review

Sissy follows Cecilia (Aisha Dee) and Emma (co-director/co-writer Hannah Barlow). They’re two teenage friends who were inseparable until mean girl Alex (Emily De Margheriti) came along and bullied Cecilia, leading to a violent incident that drove a wedge between the best friends. Years later, Cecilia, a successful social media influencer, bumps into Emma and is asked to reconnect on a bachelorette weekend excursion. But seeing Alex reawaken past traumas and turns a fun weekend with friends into deadly chaos. A darkly comedic take on influencer culture, bullying and more, complete with horrific body counts to boot.


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