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Today, the newly formed vertical theater group revealed its vision of a “future-proof” performing arts venue. Called The Vertical Theater, this independent venue is designed for social distancing and is touted as “tourable” for the pandemic.

The structure will have a roof to protect the audience and the stage from the elements, with optional open sides to allow optimal air circulation and natural ventilation. The public could sit on balconies that can accommodate groups of 4 to 12 people or designated social bubbles.

In August 2020, led by Stufish Entertainment Architects, a group of producers, creatives and technical specialists came together to work on a new venue design that would allow concerts to resume during the global pandemic. Stufish had previously created live performance designs for artists such as Beyoncé, U2, Madonna, Rolling Stones, Elton John, Monty Python and Queen + Adam Lambert, as well as permanent theaters in China.

The vertical theater group

“Creativity defines all the artists and partners we work with,” said Stufish, partner and entertainment architect. Ric lipson in a press release. “At Stufish, we were excited to see what a new kind of collaboration between the arts could produce, as we build a new vision for the future of live entertainment – vertical theater.”

The vertical theater is designed to be built for different social distancing requirements and can accommodate between 1,200 and 2,400 fans. The site will have the ability to include integrated global streaming capability, as well as food and beverage facilities.

“We are committed to the vital importance of arts and culture. We believe they are an essential part of the human experience, of what makes us who we are, ”the founders of the Vertical Theater Group said in a statement. “We are very excited to be able to bring this innovative new offering to the world of live entertainment at this crucial time for the future of the arts. “

The founders of Vertical Theater Group are Stufish Entertainment Architects represented by Lipson and Paul Preston; producer of live events and documentaries Holly gilliam, theater producer Katy lipson; production director Jake berry and director and founder of Digital Theater Robert Delamere.

Check out a video clip of the venue’s design below.




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