Recent theater arts graduates look forward to continuing education


This fall, the curtain rises on a new act in the lives of three recent graduates of the University’s theater program, as they begin their graduate studies.

Aug 10, 2020

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communications

Rebecca Satzberg ’20 (second from left) before a performance of Elephant’s Graveyard.

When Rebecca Satzberg ’20 looks back on her favorite memories of her time as Charger, she recalls working as an audio assistant with the university’s drama department on Cabaret in the fall of 2018. It was the first production she participated in – and it was not the last.

Working on the production allowed Satzberg, majoring in music and sound recording with a minor in theater arts and economics, to meet the team members she would work with during the remainder of her time at the university. . She continued to be part of the productions of the University of Mr. Burns: a post-electric game, Wolves, Melancholy piece: a chamber musical, and Elephant cemetery. She has held various roles, including Foley artist, projectionist and sound engineer.

Rebecca Satzberg with headphones
Rebecca Satzberg before a performance of Melancholy Play: A Chamber Musical.

“I realized that working in the theater was my place for Cabaret, and that shaped the rest of my undergraduate career, ”said Satzberg, who was also director of WNHU, the University’s award-winning radio station. “I love the challenge of sound design and engineering. You plan and design ideas, set up different microphone setups to find what works best, and then problem-solve as you see fit to overcome any challenges that arise.

Satzberg had planned to work as a sound engineer for a summer theater festival in West Virginia, but the event was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. She is now looking forward to starting the Certificate in Her Technique program at the Yale School of Drama this fall. She is one of many recent graduates, mainstays of the University’s theater program, who now look forward to continuing their education this fall.

Sydney Guye ’19, who graduated in Theater Arts and History, held many different roles in several college productions, working with Satzberg on productions such as Cabaret. A member of the University’s specialization program, she was also part of the theater club, as stage director of the production of the club of Almost, Maine.

Sydney Guye '19 in front of Bucknall Hall
Sydney Guye ’19.

Since graduating, she has completed three internships in non-Broadway or general theater production companies. She looks forward to starting her MA in Dramaturgy at Columbia University this fall, and she hopes to eventually become an artistic associate and, eventually, artistic director of a theater company.

“The New Haven University theater program prepares students for the world of real theater and ensures that we are ready to join the world as active performers,” said Guye, who hopes to work as a literary director for a non-profit or non-Broadway theater. “By running the program, Jonathan Yukich and Meg Savilonis gave us the opportunity to explore new opportunities and find our niche, as well as opportunities to manage some aspects of the productions ourselves. It helped prepare me for life after graduation knowing what I wanted to do and having the skills to do it.

Rose-Emma Lambridis on stage
Rose-Emma Lambridis played number 00 in the University of Wolves.

Rose-Emma Lambridis ’20, who also obtained a theater arts degree, was an active member of the university community. A member of the NAACP section of the University, the PRIDE Club and the Theater Club, she has been dedicated to promoting equality and inclusion, which she has also focused on in her theatrical work. She says working on a student-written play called “Crisis: A Performance about Race from 1915 to 2015”, the first stage production she participated in at university, sparked her interest in social and political issues.

Lambridis, who also worked on shows in New York and New Haven, now focuses on film and television. She will be moving to Boston to begin her MFA in screenwriting at Boston University this fall, and she hopes to bring more under-represented stories to film and television.

“The New Haven University theater program has provided me with a creative outlet to explore my artistic abilities,” said Lambridis, who has appeared in several University productions, including Wolves and As you like it. “All the teachers I have worked with have encouraged me to, above all, develop an unshakeable self-confidence.


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