Online offerings from Gingold, NAATCO and Vangeline


June is proving to be a busy month for the New York theater, with a rich variety of virtual offerings from Gingold Theatrical Group (GTG), National Asian American Theater Company (NAATCO) and Vangeline

Now in his 16e season, GTG continues its new game development with the Current games of phase 1 from this year’s Speaker’s Corner Writers Group. Named after the corner of Hyde Park in London where George Bernard Shaw and other political speakers have given speeches since 1855, the group consists of six to ten writers each year, who spend the time exploring a specific piece of Shaw and write new individual pieces in response. to its text and its avant-garde humanitarian ideals.

This year’s six free virtual tabletop readings, which started June 5 and run through June 17, feature work in development inspired by Shaw’s Weapons and man, by writers Kate Douglas (The Apiary, directed by Colette Robert, who started the series), Aeneas Sagar Hemphill (Karma Sutra Chai Tea Latte, directed by Arpita Mukherjee, on June 8), Sophie Sagan-Gutherz (the rumbling bridle, directed by Jaye Hunt, June 10), Seth McNeill (Untitled Conspiracy Game, directed by Lico Whitfield, June 12), Divya Mangwani (Vigil-Aunts, directed by Aneesha Kudtarkar, on June 15), and Marcus Scott (This is the neighborhood, directed by Christopher Burris, June 17), all from 7 p.m.

GTG Associate Director Ilana Becker, who heads the Speaker’s Corner Writers Group, said: “It has been a joy to witness and participate in the development from scratch of these six fiercely funny, insanely intelligent and truly ambitious pieces. While they are all unique pieces in tone and exploration, they also all emerge distinctly from this moment of vast friction and change.

Tickets for the Current games of phase 1 readings are free; to register in advance for webinars, click here.

NAATCO, founded by Mia Katigbak and Richard Eng in 1989, to affirm the presence and importance of Asian American theater in the United States, presents the American premiere from a distance of And if if only, a new play by British playwright Caryl Churchill. Made for a digital presentation by award-winning directors OBIE Les Waters and Jared Mezzocchi, and in collaboration with Virtual Design Collective (ViDCo) – a newly founded collective of over 20 designers, programmers and technicians using innovative ways to tell stories and create online communities – the nightly live shows will air from Monday, June 7 to Saturday, June 12 at 7 p.m.

Katigbak said the work, which she described as a “brilliantly written short piece that contains poignant ideas, great sorrows, oceans of loneliness and sorrow, calm and transmutation,” was presented to her by Waters, after asking Churchill to allow NAATCO to present with an all-Asian American cast. She has accepted; the fifteen-minute NAATCO production stars Katigbak, along with Paul Juhn, Kylie Kuioka, Jon Norman Schneider and Bernard White.

Waters explained, “With each piece, Caryl reinvents the question: what is a piece? This piece asks us what do we do when our loved one / partner dies? What could we have done differently? What if What if What if Mezzocchi added, “This text is such a robust mental landscape that it lends itself so incredibly to this form and I am inspired to see it unlock new worlds for the virtual performance space.”

For tickets for And if if only, priced at $ 15, go in line. Please note that this room contains a sequence of flashing lights, which may affect viewers susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitivities.

Damiano Fino. Photo by Riccardo Panozzo.

In collaboration with the visionary Vangeline Theater / New York Butoh Institute, dedicated to advancing the post-war avant-garde movement forms Butoh in the 21st century, Howl Arts will feature free streams from the fifth annual edition of Queer Butoh. Returning during Pride Month, the series features LGBTQ Butoh dancers from Singapore, South Africa and Italy reflecting on the intersection of Queerness and Butoh.

Hosted by teacher, dancer, choreographer and founding artistic director Vangeline, the free Tuesday night digital series, starting at 8 p.m., features 60-minute pieces by XUE (Flowers, performed in Brooklyn, 2019, with an introduction by the artist, electric guitar accompaniment by John Barrington, and video documentation by Mika Orotea) on June 8; Damiano Fina (playing Helios, and discussing Queer Butoh Pedagogy on June 15; and Tebby WT Ramasike (In search of a soul: the cry of a blind man . . . the call, performed at TATWERK Berlin, in February 2015, with an introduction by the artist) on June 22.

After the first streams on the Howl website, bands of each representation of Queer Butoh 2021 will be available for viewing until June 30, on the Vangeline Vimeo page.

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