On July 1st, no one is likely to be able to apply for a baby loan


On July 1st, no one is likely to be able to apply for a baby loan

The proof of TB status can take up to 10 days. Without a certificate, most banks will not accept a loan application. In addition, most claimants do not know where and how to obtain the required certification. Due to the above issues, it is likely that your first baby loan application may be delayed for weeks.

It is not possible to obtain a TB certificate before requesting a baby


One of the prerequisites for qualifying for a baby loan is that at least one of the spouses must have a 3 year continuous TB relationship at the time of application. It is not enough to speak to the bank in this regard, but an official certificate, also known as a NEAK certificate or OEP certificate (is wrong).

The certificate of TB status is issued by “district offices acting as health insurance funds in the county seat of residence” – informs the NEAK (National Health Insurance Fund – formerly OEP – National Health Insurance Fund) on its website.

The certificate can also be applied for at any government office, but since the procedure is within the competence of the district offices and the application is forwarded to them, the process is one day longer. Budapest was the fastest in the XIII. Love Street 1 and XI. Certification can be applied for in government offices under Budafoki út 59, and in county offices.

It will take up to 10 days for your verification to be completed


The certificate can be applied for after July 1st and may take up to 8 days to be issued. In addition, the certificate will be mailed, which may take days. It is not possible to book an appointment for a TB certificate. This can cause further problems as the overload is already critical in government offices.

However, if you have a TB certificate, go to the bank, as the certificate is only valid for 30 days. It’s also important to hurry because if the first bank refuses to apply for something, you still have time to go to another bank and submit your application there.

Banks usually do not accept credit applications without proof


Of course, a couple can apply for a loan without a TB certificate – for example, hoping to fill a gap. However, several banks have indicated to us that TB will not accept the application without proof because they are incompletely able to meet the 10-day evaluation deadline set out in the Regulation.

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