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Insight is pleased to present actress and broadcaster Mirna Gonzalez in its new kind of interactive montage #InsightComedy this Sunday, September 25the at 3 p.m. at the stately Dorothy F. Schmidt Theater at FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY – FAU Boca Raton.

Boca Raton, FL – But what is Insight-Comedy? It’s a cutting-edge way of doing comedy by creating characters that capture the audience’s attention, using everyday life situations and anecdotes that awaken deep truths in human consciousness, through techniques of personal development applied by Mirna in her professional career and, a lot of humor at every stage.

The main character of the play, Valentina Arrechedera goes through different changes both physical, emotional, social, relational and, more recently, faces a migration path to other unknown latitudes. As she gets older, she begins to realize that life is not as it was painted for her, let alone as a Latina woman forced to live her life within preconceived structures that have been imposed on us for so long.

But… have these structures been imposed on other genres?

The answer to this question will be to be discovered in this amazing play, on September 25th.e at the Dorothy F. Schmidt Theater, FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY, that it is written and directed by Mirna Gonzalez, Executive Production by Jaime Gudiño and, on Technical Production, we present Laura Rodríguez.

Valentina amplifies her view of the world and shares the stage with her imaginary friends to try to find out how the life journey of other genders has been while growing up in their different stages, looking closely at the moment they meet, to embrace the changes and come together to understand each other better, until they finally reach adulthood to discover that in reality, the most important things in everyone’s life journey are and always will be love , acceptance, inclusion and respect for others.

Teatro Insight invites the entire Hispanic community to participate in this event specially written, directed and produced in our language, enjoying our customs and ways of facing the magical journey of life… with lots of humor, joy, music and enthusiasm to show how amazing our culture is. With great pride we present the musical accompaniment with Vicentt, extraordinary Venezuelan singer-songwriter who, together with his group @vicenttmusic, arrives for the first time in Boca Raton with a repertoire of chosen themes specially dedicated to Valentina, in love with music and romance. The show is presented for the Almenar Otero Foundation and is supported by Cultural Manager Betsy Cáceres to add entertainment and culture to the Latino community in Palm Beach County.

Buy your ticket at and follow their networks @mirnagonzalez.oficial For interviews and sponsorships, please call executive producer Jaime Gudino at +561-3562943. We hope to meet again and enjoy the ride.


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