New cinema design resembles the Galactic Senate



COVID-19 worries many moviegoers about the future of cinema. But apparently the industry faces even bigger problems than we feared. We now fear that a Sith Lord will condense power and place every channel and cinema under his rule. Of course, this may sound a bit dramatic; but you will also think of Palpatine after seeing the plans for a new cinema in Paris whose “original” design looks exactly like the Senate of the Republic seen in the Star wars prequels.

ÅŒma Cinema shared architect Pierre Chican’s plans for a “new era of cinemas,” motivated by the need to safely get away from other patrons. The company will avoid traditional theatrical installations that date back to antiquity. Instead of rows of seats that move up and down, it will build circular cabins against a flat wall. They are similar to the boxes of certain theaters. But more disturbing is the fact that this arrangement almost perfectly resembles the floating pods of the Senate of the Republic, first seen in The phantom menace.

New theater design looks exactly like the Senate from STAR WARS_1Lucasfilm

Imperial overtones aside, the design itself is very cool. ÅŒma says this will create a “cinematic experience” that is “intimate, spectacular and immersive, where every seat in the house is the best seat in the house.” The theater is also designed to “provide spectators with an exceptional audio and visual experience, projecting an image free from any distortion”. In addition, guests will enjoy access to personalized service with corporate VIP boxes, table service and access to an exclusive lounge and bar.

New theater design looks exactly like the Senate from STAR WARS_2my cinema

Additionally, if a viewer does not like the film, they can request a vote of no confidence in the film. (No, wait. Don’t do that. This is how Palpatine takes over movie theaters … then the entire Galactic Senate.)

Featured Image: ÅŒma Cinema



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