Mike Flanagan Says Terrifier 2 Just Invented the ‘MegaSlasher’ Genre


Modern horror is still renowned today. Most horror fans have gotten used to rolling their eyes at the term “high horror” because heaven forbid we hold horror in all sorts of esteem in those parts of movies. It needs to be “elevated” for anyone to take it seriously or give it the respect the genre rightly deserves. Read this in a slightly sarcastic tone, readers.

Salinity aside, when it comes to “Terrifier 2”, its full embrace of practical effects and its lushness in making every harrowing detail of the carnage the art enacts on its victims watch and appreciate reads like something completely different in our horror landscape. It’s a slasher, but it also embraces the kind of feel you’d typically see in a grindhouse theater, with its bloody, low-budget horror that aims to make audiences squirm.

Horror maestro Mike Flanagan had his own thoughts on how “Terrifier 2” should be rated. Take from Twitter after viewing, Flanagan said, “‘Terrifer 2’ is wild. Very ambitious and deeply disturbing. The practical effects are off the chain. Lauren LaVera is pretty great and Art the Clown is downright awful. Seemed to have invented a new sub -genre: the MegaSlasher. Big respect to everyone involved.”

While Flanagan clearly liked the film, the classification of “Terrifier 2” as MegaSlasher or inventing a new subgenre is interesting. What makes a MegaSlasher different from a regular slasher movie? What are the parameters? And will people agree with this classification?


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