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I don’t know who asked for a sequel more than thirty years later, but Top Gun: Maverick seems like an unnecessary call to action. Of all the Tom Cruise movies that have a sequel, this isn’t the one. It would have been better to make the film a few years after the original Superior gun and pretend it was far in the future. At least this way, the momentum of Superior gun would have made a worthy sequel.

Too many errors have occurred trying to keep the two movies connected. Top Gun: Maverick is one of those movies where you might say, I don’t need to watch it, but I’ll check it out, as you half-heartedly shrug your shoulders. It’s an interesting dilemma to roll your eyes at a movie while having adrenaline-pumping moments at the edge of your seat.

Top Gun: Maverick follows Maverick (Tom Cruise), a former fighter pilot who “always feels the need for speed.” After more than 30 years of service, he is still pushing the limits as a test pilot and getting into trouble. After causing trouble at home, he is called back to Top Gun to teach the best of the best how to pull off their latest mission.

Top Gun: Maverick also stars Miles Teller (Thank you for your service), Jennifer Connelly (snowdrops), Glen Powell (hidden numbers), Jon Ham (Mad Men), Lewis Pullman (outdoor range)Monique Barbare (Separate together), Jay Ellis (Precarious), Danny Ramirez (Assassination Nation), Greg Tarzan Davis (Grey’s Anatomy), Ed Harris (Westworld) and Val Kilmer (batman forever).

Reconnecting with Paramount Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Top Gun: Maverick was released in 2022 but is stuck in 80s cinema. Superior gunthe film has its love story, death-defying dogfights, cheesy one-liners, classic cliches and montages with epic music. Top Gun: Maverick tries to copy that cinematic style of the 80s and ends up with an uneven film that can be confusing at times.

While the film’s heart succeeds in capturing the 80s film’s starter pack of alienation, pressure, the constant struggle for status and acceptance, and a generation-defining soundtrack, it clashes with the 2022 stage. There are these archetypal characters who seem to lack depth and a real connection with the present. Unfortunately, it’s like no one can move on. Everyone is stuck in the past, whether they know it or not. Even Jennifer Connelly gives off Farrah Fawcett Charlie’s Angels vibes. I don’t know what period she thinks this movie belongs to. It’s very confusing.

Top Gun: Maverick is a pop movie, reminiscent of its 80s counterparts. The action-packed story of testosterone-rich pilots and their big, fast planes, with a military setting, cool training sequences, an engaging cast, and competitive is the hallmark of the genre. Who doesn’t love a man in uniform? Everything is a bit formulaic and not as successful as Superior gun made in the 80s. The tone is uneven for a film set in the present. Not to mention that the beat is off. It looks like a laugh track or applause cues are in the background so the actors know when to pause for effect. There are awkward pauses as if someone forgot a line and cliched entries abound.

Confusion aside, no one but Tom Cruise could play Maverick. It’s swag and arrogance that optimizes the flying hot-shot. Cruise is Maverick and Maverick is Cruise. It’s clear that Cruise is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Its commitment to the real to make a cinematic experience as stellar as possible is commendable. He is the top actor in this movie. That being said, the casting also went really well with Miles Teller as Rooster, the son of Anthony Edwards’ Goose. Visually, the resemblance, cue mustache, is very good. It’s believable. When Teller and Cruise are onscreen together, you can see there’s a chemistry and also a palpable tension that makes their characters’ stories so much richer.

Some movies are made purely for cinematic action sequences with no substance to the story. If there’s anything we could all agree on Top Gun: Maverick, it is the action. Props to Cruise for insisting on no green screen or CGI aerial shots for this film. Props for actors who have had to undergo lengthy G-force training sessions to withstand the physical demands of their roles as fighter pilots. The action sequences are breathtaking.

It’s hard not to find joy in the process of making these action scenes. Jop Gun: Maverick reminds us how fun it could be to rewatch movies like this in theaters. You can spot a Jerry Bruckheimer production by the explosions and the action. Viewers should only see this film for the aerial footage. There’s a tension born from the action that makes sitting in a theater with a big screen worth it.

East Top Gun: Maverick the film that will mark a generation? No. His predecessor will always retain this title. Is it a fun Hollywood movie? Absolutely. Does it have substance? Not really. Does this raise the bar for believable, tense action sequences? Yes, which I fully expect from any Tom Cruise movie these days. There is no doubt that Navy bands will enjoy this film along with civilians in the theater. Expect nothing more than top-notch action, and you’ll be fine.

Top Gun: Maverick will hit theaters on May 27, 2022.


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