Lincoln Theater Stage to Reopen Feb. 5 with Extended Performance of ‘Nunsense’ | Entertainment


TADA theater cleared to reopen, preparing August to resume 20th anniversary season

TADA organized a musical evening with Steven Rich as well as a cabaret show at the end of 2020, as well as his comedy series. “Nunsense” will be his first Broadway musical since the entertainment industry closed last spring.

“We’re thrilled with this,” said Rook, who plays Sister Mary Amnesia. “So far it’s been a lot of fun.”

Seating will be limited to 25% of capacity, but people will be able to stream the performances live.

These are the same rules that were in play when Rook performed in a cabaret show at TADA. She remembers the atmosphere in the small auditorium during these performances.

“You could just tell everyone was happy to be part of the in-person entertainment,” she said. “You just had that vibe, and it will be like that again this time.”

“Nunsense”, a musical, was written in 1985 by Dan Goggin. It was originally a line of greeting cards featuring a nun offering tangy banter with an office slant before being extended to a full show that appeared off Broadway for 38 weeks.

The musical follows the antics of the Little Sisters of Hoboken, who find themselves in a financial dilemma that requires them to raise money by putting on a benefit show.

Celebrating 20 Years: TADA Theater Presents “This is the Moment”, with Steven C. Rich

The show features catchy songs and spontaneous comedic interludes.


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