Lewis Black Honors England Theater Stage to Talk About Hole in Every American’s Heart


Lewis Black walked into an ecstatic room to talk about his hilarious frustration with politicians in the summer, the magic of the two-day free delivery, and read the Iowans’ social media comments.

Legendary comedian Lewis Black brought his fiery and hilarious rants to Iowa City on January 25 at the Englert Theater.

Black, known for uttering the f-word in a loud voice expressing his fury at the world’s small problems, shared his wisdom on what makes the world wrong today. He also explained that the two-day free delivery at the end of most things would leave most people happy.

Black also got into a subject all too often seen in the comedy arena: politics. With the Iowa caucuses around the corner, Black spoke about how brave the Iowans are to be the first to get a feel for where the 2020 election might go and laughed at some politicians for riding their own charter buses to portray normalcy. Black joked that taking a bus is only okay if you can’t choose who you’re going to drive it with.

Black explained how the United States is a unique country for having two political parties living in different realities. He described this scenario by stating that when a cat is run over, one party will say the cat was killed by a car while the other says it was an act of suicide by the cat.

Black has also dropped his own opinions on fake news. He joked about how news services allow any political commentator on either side to talk about their feelings on current world affairs, but rather than state the facts about the event, they will instead use it as a platform to talk about the policies they support. Black recreated this scenario by replacing a political commentator with a lamb, stating that the news anchor would ask them what they were thinking, hear “Baaah” and move on to the clip.

Once Black was over, the audience was invited to stay and be a part of Black’s live broadcast series, “The Rant is Due,” where they read comments and suggestions written by those in attendance and online by residents. of Iowa City.

A recurring theme was the idea that everyone in Iowa City is nice, with a comment asking why most Iowa City drivers who make a mistake respond with apologies, frustrating the other driver by trying to present their anger.

Probably one of the funniest comments was created by someone who wasn’t present at the time. The huge rant became the last part of “The Rant is Due”, where they wrote a long post on Twitter about how many people think if you buy from Chick-Fil-A for donating to controversial organizations, you are supporting a terrible cause. . The commentator wrote that this individual is complaining about this problem by using a cell phone probably made by a sweatshop while posting his “meaningful” post on Facebook, of all places.


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