Information and help on LOANS


Information and help on LOANS

A good option to solve economic problems is to resort to different financing methods. One of the most requested alternatives are loans. It is very common, that at the end of the month the money is not enough to pay the debts, and this is the main reason why over the years the requests for our loans are increasing.

Currently, through our financial institutions we offer different types of effective loans that help meet the economic responsibilities of users. In this post we will explain all the information of interest of the loans and we will try to clarify the most frequent doubts about these requests for money.

What is a loan?


A loan is a transaction through which a financial entity provides a certain amount of money, through a contract . By requesting the loan, the client acquires an obligation to return all the money in an established time extension, as well as a commitment to pay the interest and commissions agreed between both parties.

The borrowed money must be returned through various payments or monthly installments . It is very important that users know the appropriate and used terms of the loans, because the money requested is called principal, while interest is the additional amount, which must be paid to dispose of the loan.

The financial entity or the person providing the money is called a lender, and the applicant who receives the money is known as the borrower. The term is the period of time you have to fully repay the amount borrowed.

Types of loans we offer according to the purpose or destination

Types of loans we offer according to the purpose or destination

  • Personal loans: This type of loans is the most requested and we offer it because of its high demand among clients, since it is used to finance those specific needs. Generally they are small amounts of money , suitable to pay unexpected expenses at the end of the month, as well as to finance the monthly payments of the services, repairs of the car or enjoy a trip.   
  • Consumer loans : These loans are less frequent, although we also provide them, because they are suitable for users to pay the expenses of constant consumer goods such as furniture, cars and appliances. These types of loans are based on small amounts of money, which must be repaid in the short term .
  • Study loans: This is a type of loan that we also offer, although it is not very common. Through this process we provide clients with the money required to finance, mainly university tuition, masters or postgraduate studies. The interests of this loan are lower than those of the other economic procedures.
  • Mortgage loans: In this modality our banking entities provide the loan in exchange for obtaining a real guarantee, which is based on the mortgage of a property such as a business, a house or a car. In this case, applicants are given a medium or long-term loan, that is, between 15 and up to 30 years.
  • Loans for companies: In this type of procedure we offer special financing for the production, expansion, investment in fixed assets or for the activation of a new project. With us, entrepreneurs can opt for short-term loans aimed at businesses, which require money to continue production campaigns, liquidity problems or investments that have a repayment of money in a short term. We also offer long-term financing procedures , ideal for businesses that need external capital, purchase of equipment or intangible assets.

Requirements to apply for our personal loans


  • Being of legal age and being a Spanish resident: Today our banking entities require that the appropriate age to apply for a loan be from 21 to 75 years. This is a requirement, which users can demonstrate through the National identity document.
  • Have a good level of income: Another requirement to apply for our loans is to demonstrate a stable monthly economic income, a requirement that we require both those who receive pensions and employees. Before requesting this procedure, it is very important to know exactly the monthly, weekly and daily personal expenses, in order to know if it is possible to cover the loan installments.
  • Having a good track record: This is a requirement that is required by many of our entities, since having a good track record and not having failed to pay other loans is more feasible to approve the amount of money requested, and without major setbacks Our financial institutions accept user requests that appear on ASNEF lists.

Possibly, some of our banks require applicants other requirements such as a letter of seniority, possess services linked to assets or statements of credit card accounts.

Advantages of applying for our loans

Advantages of applying for our loans

By requesting this type of financial support with us, you can obtain several benefits, such as the following:

  • Our loans make it possible to finance the purchase of different goods at once, as well as develop projects, for which at that time there was not enough liquidity. Thanks to this method of financing that we offer, we collaborate with the success of a large number of businesses , as well as help in the acquisition of new assets.
  • In each of the applications we take into account the current financial situation. This is a very important aspect when the applicants plan the payments and fees to return the money. Our banking institutions analyze and evaluate the financial background , as well as the income, with the intention of ensuring that users meet the agreed deadlines and prevent possible over-indebtedness.
  • The procedure to request this financial help with us is very quick and easy to obtain . Only borrowers should offer the information and requirements required to our financial institutions to continue the process. Many of our entities do not require that the purpose for which the loan is being requested be justified.
  • Through our banks, applicants can reach an agreement to pay the money on time and in the way that suits both parties. Our financial institutions are responsible for facilitating the process to avoid any inconvenience to borrowers.
  • Applicants who start an independent life benefit considerably from our loans, as they are used to pay for home renovations or to acquire new appliances. It is also possible to buy a car, if any of our financial aid is requested.
  • Our loans are also ideal for the owners of micro, medium and small entrepreneurs who will find in our services an impulse to publicize their businesses. We know that it is not easy to start with a project from scratch, so we provide loans with comfortable fees and very low interest, so that entrepreneurs can return the money in a short time.
  • Our loans are available to anyone . We offer this service to workers, young professionals and pensioners.

Reasons to ask for our loans

  • Payment of debts: This is the main reason why borrowers request financial assistance, since this money is used to settle certain debts that were acquired over time. With our loans it is possible to stop the growth of debts and avoid further problems in the future. Users also request this financing to pay fines or taxes.
  • Car purchase: Many companies require among the requirements to qualify for a job to have their own car, so users request our personal loan to fully comply with this obligation. This is a suitable solution to make this much needed investment.
  • Household reform: This is another of the main reasons for requesting one of our financial aid, since the budgets for household reforms are very high. In addition, after starting with the work some unforeseen expenses arise, so that the family economy may not have the financing to pay for these new expenses. In this case, one of the most frequent solutions is to apply for one of our personal loans.
  • Expenses with children: In families with children the expenses are higher, so many choose to apply for our loans. These financial aids are a good option for users to pay school fees for children.
  • Holidays: A well-deserved vacation must have a schedule, which includes an economic budget. A large number of families choose to apply for our personal loans to enjoy pleasant days off in a dream destination.
  • Special events: Life also includes pleasant moments full of happiness and joy. At the time of celebrating a birthday, a wedding or a special event, users may not have the money necessary to hold the party. In this case, you can ask for one of our loans to solve the lack of liquidity.

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