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The holiday season is upon us and you know what it means! Goodwill to mankind and present. Lots and lots of gifts. Still in agony over what to put under the tree and in the stockings this year? Don’t worry, dear reader, we’re here to take some of the buying pressure off you.

Below you’ll find a carefully curated guide to 15 awesome gift ideas inspired by the biggest genre properties of the year: Spider-Man: No Path Home, Boba Fett’s book, Shang-Chi, No time to die, and more! From cool books, awesome comics, and merchandise pulled straight from the MCU, let’s dig in.

Disclaimer: Our editors have independently selected these products because we believe you will enjoy them. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a small share of the income. Prices and availability are correct at time of posting.

Resident Alien Omnibus Vol. 1 ($ 24.99, Black horse comics)

While you patiently await Season 2 of the hit SYFY series, why not revisit the acclaimed comic that inspired it? This collection of nearly 300 pages presents the first three Foreign resident bows by writer Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse.

Spider-Man: No Path Home hoodie ($ 31.43, Hot topic)

You’ll need to look your best as you strut into the theater for your screening – or screenings – of Spider-Man: No Path Home. This hoodie will announce to the rest of the world that you are more than ready for some multiversal madness starring Peter Parker, Doctor Strange, and a host of classic villains.

Spice Melange is hard to come by these days with all of the supply chain shortages. Fortunately, these Shai-Hulud bookends (based on the sandworms described in the recent Dune film adaptation) are the next best thing for all diehards. May his death purify the world!

LEGO Astin Martin ($ 149.95, Lego)

The end of Daniel Craig’s epic tenure in 007 in No time to die calls for an epic LEGO replica of the British spy’s vehicle of choice. You might not be able to drive it, but all your friends (and Santa himself) will be in awe when they see him sitting on the mantle above the crackling log.

History of Marvel Studios ($ 116.10, Abrams)

Co-authored by SYFY WIRE Contributor Tara Bennett, this two-book set offers an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Exclusive interviews and never-before-seen photos await in this Hulk-sized tome! Kevin Feige wrote the preface and Robert Downey Jr. wrote the afterword.

Gomee Batman Eraser ($ 7.95, Kinereplicas)

Erase crime – and, you know, clerical errors – with this adorable Batman eraser. In fact, you can put the whole Justice League together with this collection of DC heroes and villains. We bet these would make great stocking stuffers!

Jurassic Park: The Ultimate Visual Story ($ 50, Insight editions)

There is no better way to prepare for the impending release of Jurassic World: Dominion Next summer only a definitive return to the original trilogy that started it all. Written by James Mottram, Jurassic Park: The Ultimate Visual Story includes an introduction by Laura Dern (Ellie Sattler), a preface by Sam Neill (Alan Grant) and an afterword by Jeff Goldblum (Ian Malcolm).

Uni-Mind Bracelet ($ 99, RockLove)

Channel your inner Phastos with these handcrafted brass bracelets meant to evoke the golden and otherworldly aesthetic of Marvel Studios Eternals. The product is an official collaboration between Marvel and RockLove.

“Every time RockLove collaborates with Marvel Studios on new, never-before-seen content, it’s both exciting and mysterious!” RockLove Founder and CEO Allison Cimino told SYFY WIRE. art and photos of the actual props used in the shoot, but not told what they are and how they impact the story. It is a macro snapshot with no overview. RockLove’s Eternals The Uni-Mind bracelet accurately transcribes the powerful astrological sigils seen on-screen and elevates them to a high-end piece of jewelry that brings the energy of the Uni-Mind to your everyday wardrobe.

Time Variance Authority Windbreaker ($ 39.92, His Universe)

Show off your proud variant status with this licensed VAT jacket inspired by Marvel Studios Loki on Disney +. The series effectively shattered the multiverse in its season finale and will return for a second serving (Loki was actually the first live-action MCU show to be renewed for a second season).

Time Turner Necklace ($ 27.50, Kinereplicas)

It can’t actually turn the tide of time, but this Time Turner replica is a must-have for everything Harry potter fans, especially those who like Prisoner of azkaban. The inner rings can even be rotated to reveal a special engraving that says, “I’m marking the hours, everyone, I haven’t passed the Sun yet.” My use and my value to you is evaluated by what you have to do.

Boba Fett Book Boba Fett Ornament ($ 8.90, Lunchbox)

How else are you going to prove to your friends and family that you are following the Mandalorian way of life? This is the way! Except that Boba Fett is not a real Mandalorian and plans to get into the mafia business on Tatooine. Well that will look pretty cool hanging from your tree as you air the first episode of Boba Fett’s book on Disney + on Wednesday, December 29.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt set of glasses ($ 19.99, Dark Horse Direct)

Drink like a real monster hunter with these limited edition pint glasses inspired by the third witcher game published by CD Projekt Red. Fill them with mead or beer of your choice (as long as you’re of legal age, of course) and toast to season 2 of The witcher on Netflix (premieres Friday, December 17).

Shang-Chi Morris Plush ($ 9.99, Target)

Ta Lo doesn’t accept visitors at the moment, but you can still bring a piece of the idyllic parallel dimension into your home with this replica of Shang-Chithe furry character of: Morris. Trevor Slattery sold separately.

free guy T-shirt ($ 16.73, Hot topic)

Are we all NPCs living in a simulation? Very probably. Show your existential fear of the fragility of reality with this upbeat shirt inspired by Ryan Reynolds’ hit comedy.

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