G Gundam’s Approach to Mecha Anime Could Revitalize the Genre


Modern mecha anime tends to rely on dramatic war settings where mecha designs represent the world they inhabit. While there are examples of mecha shows that have innovative color designs, they often lean heavily on serious dramatic or wartime themes. Adding a little fun, absurdity and bombast could reinvigorate the genre and convert new fans – and where better to look for inspiration than the ridiculous Mobile Suit G Gundam?

Colorful and absurd designs still pop up from time to time, as seen through Trigger’s Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Darling in the Franxxas well as the mecha that populated Code Geas R2. Coincidentally, these three shows enjoyed decent popularity when they were released. These series tend to lean into the more psychological themes of their war-torn and dystopian worlds, which makes humor a bit scarce. Yes, gurren lagann Perfectly balanced comedy and action, but the growing scale and absurdity of the conflicts lacks the foundation of most Gundam Where Macross-style mecha shows.

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G GundamThe vast array of uniquely designed mechs were all manned by equally eccentric pilots who added the weekly excitement of seeing who would be the next mech and pilot. While these mecha designs leaned too heavily on stereotype-inspired designs like the Mexican sombrero from Gundam and Canada being a lumberjack robot, they were all wonderfully unique in shape, weaponry, and color. This wide variety of designs created a cast of paired mechas and pilots that could resonate with more fans because each pair was so distinct.

Seeing these light-up machines appear against a gray and brown dystopian world lets fights shine brighter while adding more accolades to the mecha. Having a colorful and diverse range of mechas with different abilities could be similar to class 1-A and 1-B of My hero academia, where each character features a super unique and colorful design to make them stand out with less screen time. These bright and varied mech models also help the mech themselves feel more like distinct characters and not just like soulless battleships.

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G GundamEmbracing the shonen trope of tournaments also allowed for a proper presentation of mecha, combat, and soap opera-like character drama. Tournaments allow shows to quickly introduce great casts while establishing diversity through dialogue-rich one-on-one battles. Recent mecha anime’s focus on elements of war allows the main cast to shine but often neglects the supporting cast, whose muted designs pull them into the background. The bright and unique look of G GundamCasting allowed minor characters to become memorable.

The level of hype produced by a well-run tournament can be seen through At Yu Yu Hakusho “Dark Tournament Arc” and by Naruto “Chunin Exams.” Replace the mechs and their pilots with demons and ninjas, and the potential for an engaging mech tournament becomes apparent. A symbiotic relationship between mech and pilot creates a secondary layer of interest, as opposing forces can sabotage or inflict machinations on the mech and pilot.

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Playing faster and more freely with the technical aspects of mecha allows for a mix of combat styles and technological complications that add ideal drama to the tournament setting. G Gundam‘s mecha has boxed, fenced, wrestled and more. Putting these extremely contrasting and complementary mechas together in a conflict added an element of fantasy to the typically sci-fi mecha genre.

These fantastical and wonderfully over-the-top elements were evident in the horse-driven and shaped mecha, and in the absurd designs like the bell-shaped Mandela Gundam and the Viking Gundam, which transformed into a real ship and wore a helmet. horned. Some of the designs may have been off-putting or overly absurd, but the central element of mecha and wildly designed characters gave the show a ton of color and unpredictability.

G Gundam may not have been the most successful manifestation of the franchise, but it stood out among its peers and left an extraordinary mark on many fans. When sports anime love Haikyuu and fighting heavy anime like my hero academia thrive, it makes sense to review the G Gundam formula that draws on aspects of both genders. The charm and the theater of G Gundam could endear mecha anime to a whole new generation through a slew of explosive and colorful elements.


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