Domino’s rolls out new “pizza theater” design in Katy’s store



Photo by Katherine Feser

Domino’s plans to open a “Pizza Theater” in Katy as the latest store in a new design that aims to bring things like indoor seating, a pizza preparation viewing area, and free Wi-Fi. Fi free in 5,400 US stores by the end of the year.

The company-owned store at 3820 N. Fry Road will celebrate a week-long grand opening starting August 21, with promotions and giveaways.

“The store puts the art and fun of pizza making at the forefront; customers can actually watch their pizza being made, every step of the way,” said Kent Burgess, Domino’s director of corporate operations at Houston, in a statement.

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The new Katy Domino’s will bring elements not found in a traditional store, such as booths with phone charging stations, blackboards for customers to leave comments, and a drive-thru window for customers. take out orders. Customers will be able to electronically track take-out orders on a lobby screen.

The location is one of some 140 Domino’s in the greater Houston area, according to the chain. Stores range from small locations with bar stools to larger stores with indoor seating for 30 and private rooms for parties.



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