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Kokomo Domino’s stores are set to join others nationwide as the company pushes for “theater” designs.

In the hands of local owners Jimmy Ruedlinger and Jeff Stegan, the two Kokomo stores have moved, the first being the Lincoln Road Restaurant, which will move to a brand new free-standing building on South LaFountain Street, where the constriction is currently ending.

“Domino’s wants everyone to go to these theater designs, but location wise it will be a lot better,” Ruedlinger said of the move from Lincoln Road to LaFountain Street. “[The current store] is not very welcoming; it doesn’t cut it. It will be more family and friendly.

The new restaurant was built on the site of the old Sun City, which was destroyed by a tornado, and Ruedlinger plans to open in early July.

Built with the concept of ‘pizza theater‘, patrons will be able to watch their pizza being prepared at every stage, and bar seating will secure patrons a front row seat at the show. The concept also brings modern features not found in traditional stores, such as cable TV, Wi-Fi, a tracking monitor to inform customers of the status of their pizza, and a window of. delivery service.

There will also be features for the kids, like a walk to watch the pizzas being made, as well as a chalkboard wall to keep them entertained.

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After the renovation of the Lincoln Road restaurant, the owners signed an agreement to move the Domino’s to North Washington Street at the corner of Markland Avenue and SR 931 where a shopping center is underway. The restaurant will also be renovated with the new concept.

Ruedlinger got involved with Kokomo stores in 2016 when he visited the City of Firsts to check them out after they went on sale. He said he loved the area and the stores were doing well, so he went ahead and moved his family to the area in late 2016 from Missouri. He is also the owner of Domino’s restaurants in Peru, Marion, Frankford, Lebanon, Lafayette and West Lafayette.

The businessman has been involved with the company since 2002, when he first took a summer job as an answering machine for Domino’s. Although he did not intend to make a career out of it, Ruedlinger rose through the ranks and eventually became the owner of several stores himself.

“It’s a great brand, everything. It’s one of the only brands that you can really live the American dream and start from the bottom and just move on and save money, ”he said. “They make it easy for you to get to where you want to go. “

As the LaFountain store comes to an end, Ruedlinger said he looks forward to upgrading the second store and getting to know the Kokomo community along the way.

“I am excited,” he said. “There is no one like us. The Domino’s marketing team, the Domino’s brand, is, I think, above and beyond everyone.



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