Disney+ 30% more valuable than the average streamer thanks to genre programming – The Streamable


In Fandom’s recently released 2022 “State of Streaming” report, data indicates that Disney+ is 30% more valuable than other services due to its focus on genre fans and programming. The study, which began in January, assessed the habits of 5,500 global users of Fandom’s wiki pages.

The study also showed that gender was an important factor in determining whether subscribing to a service was worth the investment. The top genres customers searched for from streaming services were apparently kids and family, comedy, drama and documentaries. For 62% of users included in the report, having a specific genre of entertainment was the main feature why the streaming service they chose. With Disney+’s focus on Star Wars and Marvel content, the streamer topped this metric and was a big reason why it was estimated to be 30% more valuable than the average streaming service.

The report also revealed that the average consumer pays for five streaming services with an average cost of $7.46 per month. Subscribers indicated that the most common reason for canceling a subscription is due to cost, with 61% of subscribers calling the services too expensive. However, 73% of subscribers said they could justify the cost if the streaming service also included exclusive behind-the-scenes content or even one-of-a-kind merchandise for subscribers.

This wasn’t the only unique incentive package that the survey indicated customers would be interested in. The study found that food plays a bigger role in choosing a streaming service than anyone might have expected, with 45% of respondents saying a package with a food delivery service would help them choose a streamer.

The report also looked at theatrical releases and found that while 80% of customers said they were comfortable returning to theaters, 74% said they would rather wait for movies to arrive on a service. streaming if there is no extra charge to watch. them.

While the improved sound of a home viewing video quality still hasn’t caught up to an IMAX or Dolby theatrical experience, there’s one thing seeing a movie in the theater can’t provide. A whopping 82% of people say they prefer watching movies at home so they can use the pause button as they see fit.

In conclusion, the report released three suggested “rules” for streamers and studios: “build on the strengths of the genre”, “rethink the in-theatre experience to differentiate from growing home viewing trends” and “super-serving consumers beyond the screen”. .”


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