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The Hotel Lovecraft Kickstarter was started by Oliver McNeil, who runs the immersive live theater show Cthulhu Parlor.

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Interactive game entertainment company and live theater show Cthulhu Parlor recently launched the Kickstarter for their new game, Lovecraft Hotel, and saw his fundraising goal of $ 17,831 met maniacally quickly. Lovecraft Hotel is billed as a hybrid of role playing, board game and choosing your own adventure game genres, played with the support of audio horror theater to bring it all together. The Lovecraft Hotel Kickstarter the campaign ends on August 27, 2020.

Lovecraft Hotel is heavily influenced by the works of cosmic horror master HP Lovecraft, and is designed for one to five players ages 14 and up. At the start of the game, your objective is simply to escape the hotel safely. You’ll have to roam the hotel’s six floors from top to bottom, touring each of the rooms, and dealing with any gruesome Lovecraftian tale that unfolds inside. If you manage to escape the hotel without losing your life, or worse, your sanity, you win. Don’t run away and, as the reference to another famous hotel says, you can leave anytime you want, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never leave.

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The Lovecraft Hotel Kickstarter was started by Oliver McNeil, who runs the immersive live theater show Cthulhu Parlor. McNeil is also the Dean of the School of Wizards and Witches, a fantasy interactive storytelling adventure theater in East Sussex, England. Additionally, McNeil designs games, produces soundscapes, and is a fantasy writer and photographer, an impressive skill set that begins to make sense of what Lovecraft Hotel is, and how it happened.

As with most tabletop RPGs, Lovecraft Hotel is meant to be played by gamers at their favorite gaming table for an immersive live horror theater effect. However, Lovecraft Hotel was also designed for remote play via Internet video and chat. Once launched, the game will come with MP3 files for audio theater parties, and with links to these files online where you can listen to them at the appropriate times. There’s even a single-player option for when you want to immerse yourself in the in-game horror soundscapes and test your own sanity against Lovecraft’s terrifying tales.

The Kickstarter “Hotel Lovecraft” by Cthulhu Parlor The page has all the details of this mind-blowing game, its promise levels and rewards. Learn more about Cthulhu Salon on their Facebook page and The Tales of the Master of History Youtube channel.

Source: Kickstarter “Hotel Lovecraft” by Cthulhu Parlor

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