Black Artist Coalition begins in the DMV


Announced today, the Black Artist Coalition (BAC) was formed in response to the growing awareness of the macro and micro-aggressions that have most often marred the experience of black artists in the performing arts industry. scene for centuries. The Black Artist Coalition Board is a collective of artists, designers, administrators and supporters of the arts.

“There is a peaceful disconnect between the black artist and the institutions where black art is employed,” said Kevin Stephen McAllister, founding member. “Whether through lack of awareness or intentional exclusion, the Theater has benefited from the Dark Artist for years but has never ceded an equal place at the table. The directors, administrators and creators of black art are too often not black. “

The BAC will reach out to theaters to offer their voices and services to create a safer, more transparent and more equitable community between black arts professionals and theater organizations. Specifically, the BAC plans to serve as a consultant with respect to:

  • Hire talent and staff of various demographics
  • Advocacy for black employees and artists who do not feel empowered to do so for themselves
  • Establish an environment of inclusion and representation

BAC hopes to work with theater organizations to effectively change the impacts of this reality. “In most cases, we’re proud of the work we’ve done on the DMV stages,” said Founding Member Tobias A. Young. “We’ve done our best at these theaters, and now we want to get together for a moment to see how the theaters could do the same for us.”

The coalition’s first visual project is this video, “The Black Artist Coalition: The Introduction,” which is shared on social media.

Kevin Stephen McAllister – Event Planning Manager
Vaughn Ryan Midder – Communications Manager
Sean-Maurice Lynch – Head of Research and Development
Nova Payton – Responsibility Officer
Tobias A. Young – Publicity and Community Engagement Manager

Temidayo Amay
Ian anthony coleman
Charles A. Coward
Char Manlove-Lois
Stacy King-Nesby
Natalie Graves Tucker
Danielle Turnip
White Roz

JOIN THE CONVERSATION: #BlackArtistCoalition
Twitter: / TheBlackArtist3
Facebook: / TheBlackArtistCoalition
Instagram: / TheBlackArtistCoalition
YouTube: / TheBlackArtistCoalition

Artists who have questions about the BAC should send an email to [email protected]

The Black Artist Coalition is an assembly of DMV artists and advocates of the black community who are committed to regionally improving the status of black actors, performing arts administrators, theater designers and directors. stage by adopting and implementing racial, cultural and ethnic policies that are equitable; advocate for inclusive language and stories; represent the collective state of mind of the organization; and providing support for black artists to be held to account and dismantle biased practices within regional and local arts organizations.

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