Action junkies are finally settling for the dumbest movie of the genre’s dumbest hero


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When you think of the most notable action heroes of the modern era, the name of Steven Seagal is always destined to happen. Obviously, the veteran actor isn’t exactly renowned for the quality of his production, but he’s become so synonymous with a particular brand of low-budget kicks that it would be unfair to leave him out of the picture. discussion, no matter how serious. the majority of his filmography over the past three decades has turned out to be.

While Seagal has certainly starred in a handful of actors ranging from solid to great, an alarming number of them have turned out to be endlessly uninteresting, or just downright awful. However, a recent Reddit thread seems to have settled on a headline that straddles the line in a beautifully silly way above all else, and it also happens to be the hobby project of ponytailed martial arts enthusiasts.

on deadly ground
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Seagal starred in, produced and even directed 1994 movies In deadly ground, which made $78 million to theaters back when its films would actually see the inside of a theater. Playing the wonderfully named Forrest Taft, the main man works as a mercenary for Michael Caine’s villainous hammy, before a chance encounter with a local woman while on a mission in Alaska leads him to change his ways of extremely preachy way – with an excruciatingly wooden monologue.

A 12% Rotten Tomatoes score, 34% user rating, and a Razzies Worst Director win out of six total nominations tell you all you need to know about the technical merits of In deadly groundbut he’s endured as a tongue-in-cheek cult favorite based entirely on his relentless stupidity, which makes him endearing to some degree.


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