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These discoveries are even more fascinating than the big horror releases.

It’s officially festival season and Dread Central had the chance to attend Fantastic Fest in person. High-level firsts like The menu and a secret screening of hellraiser naturally get all the attention. What makes any film festival truly memorable, however, are the surprising discoveries along the way. There’s nothing quite like walking into a theater and not knowing what you’re about to experience.

This year’s Fantastic Fest lineup featured striking international films, with mind-blowing entries from around the world. The list below highlights a future Oscar nominee based on a true story of a serial killer in Iran, a gory South Korean actor who feels like a sadistic sister film to Air conditioninga French dive into the catacombs, a Spanish thriller that reinvents Fire starter and, finally, a brilliant documentary about the inherent horrors of The Wizard of Oz.

holy spider

Holy Spider Still 1024x428 - Fantastic Fest Remains: 5 Extraordinary Genre Movies To Watch

Based on the brutal true story of Saeed Hanaei, a serial killer who murdered 16 women before his capture in 2001, holy spider was probably the discovery of the festival for me. Zar Amir-Ebrahimi won Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival for her reserved and heroic performance as a journalist struggling against the stifling cultural constructs of the political system in Mashhad, Iran. This story gives the impression of being in the same universe as that of David Fincher spirit hunter embroiled in the disturbing intimacy of John McNaughton Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. With the upheavals currently taking place in Iran, holy spider couldn’t be more timely.

Wolf hunting project

project wolf hunting 1024x384 - Rest of Fantastic Fest: 5 extraordinary genre movies to watch

In the most Timo Tjahjanto (The devil take you) movie that Timo Tjahjanto never did, Wolf hunting project is a bloody super soldier extravaganza that never ends. Directed by Hong-sun Kim, the batshit script has been compared to Air conditioning on a boat. Having witnessed the chaos myself, there’s absolutely no way Nicolas Cage’s Cameron Poe could survive on this ship when the blood really starts to flow. It’s graphic, hilarious, incredibly crude and shamelessly brutal. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many stomped heads in one movie. Wolf hunting project is also a stark reminder to never, ever join the military.

deep fear

Horror Deep Fear 2022 - Rest of Fantastic Fest: 5 Extraordinary Genre Movies To Watch

You are visiting Paris. Perhaps you have already visited the Louvre Museum and admired the sunset in front of the Sacré-Coeur. But what about the Catacombs? deep fear follows a couple of children who bump into a group of self-proclaimed “cataphiles” who hang out and party in the deepest recesses of the catacomb tombs. Instead of a one-time Instagram experience, these teens end up discovering hidden horrors that end up signing them up for a spooky history lesson they never signed up for. deep fear also recounts a cool period in the 90s when graffiti artists were making their mark under the streets of the city of Paris. It also has one of the best hip-hop soundtracks in recent memory.

Everyone will burn

Everyonewillburn 1024x507 - Rest of Fantastic Fest: 5 extraordinary genre films to watch

There may not be a better opening scene this year than David Hebrero’s shocking debut. Everyone will burn. Macarena Gómez stars as a grieving mother who takes in a strange girl named Lucia who may or may not have supernatural abilities. The second act is a bit slow, but the amazing opener and satisfying finale make it a must-watch. Macarena Gómez gives an absolutely breathtaking and unbalanced performance. If you saw her remarkable turn in The Shrew’s Nest, it’s a return to form for one of Spain’s top genre actresses.


Lost Highway Lynch oz - Rest of Fantastic Fest: 5 Extraordinary Genre Movies To Watch

The documentary Lynch/Oz is a hypnotic dive into David Lynch’s fascination (or obsession) with The Wizard of Oz. Watching all of his films through the lens of the 1939 classic gives tremendous insight into Lynch’s oeuvre. Moreover, he uses the classic film as a cultural touchstone that explores the iconography of Oz in an entirely new way. As a result, David Lynch and The Wizard of Oz are stranger than ever. It is one of the best documentaries of the year.

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